Software Architecture and Implementation

We are solutions providers that are steadfast in our approach but agnostic in our answers. Let us help you build the right solution for your needs. One that will have a broad and lasting impact on your whole business.

Deep Ripple will develop a software architecture specific to your company needs by creating a bridge between your company’s business model and business functionality. In other words, we help ensure efficient workflow for your organization by implementing the best possible software solution. This is made possible by devising an IT strategy which is aligned with business priorities by taking into account all business opportunities and the need to keep IT and business roadmaps in line with each other.
Implementation of an efficient software architecture requires a broad knowledge of business goals and workforce capabilities. If the individuals who are going to be using the software products are not appropriately equipped to incorporate them, all the effort and time required to build that software can go to waste.

Therefore, it is essential to understand organizational complexity before developing and implementing an improved software architecture in any business. Numerous aspects of the company and multiple programs must be identified and evaluated before choosing a solution.

Solution Providers

Software Strategies

Even after a software strategy has been nailed down and implemented, it is important to keep a tab on the changing market conditions and be ready for any potential changes that need to be made in future. This requires the software architecture to be designed in such a way that end-of-life components can be upgraded at any time, without having to completely overhaul the entire system from ground up.

With vast experience of software integration under our belt, Deep Ripple can help you with the following:

  • Implementing company-wide software with proved results and best practices
  • Integration of our software solutions with your enterprise systems already in place
  • Providing administration and practical support
  • Training and transferring knowledge to project teams
  • Ensuring consistent IT system and software structure throughout the company


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