Enterprise Information Management

Deep Ripple’s¬†Enterprise Information Management solutions provide your business the proper framework to handle your core business needs such as Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Cloud BI. Our end to end data information management services also includes data management, data integration, and data monitoring. We work hand-in-hand with your technical teams to lay a solid ground for your company’s Enterprise Management Landscape by understanding your company’s current needs as well as future objectives.

Business Intelligence Solutions

We take the existing information architectures, analyze and optimize, and then develop new frameworks to enable and future proof all your information assets. Our integration strategy allows your business to adopt the Business Intelligence Solutions as your trusted source of information helping you with your business strategy by reaching the short term and long term goals. Our years of experience in helping companies with operational and analytical information management initiatives enables us to build effective solutions for our clients.

Enterprise Information Management
The Case for Data Management

Deep Ripple not only provides state of the art software for your Enterprise Information Management but also assists in Data Warehouse Architecture. Our industry experts have the knowledge and experience to analyze, document, communicate and implement your data handling needs effectively. Our services cover all bases such as Operational Data Store and Enterprise Data Warehouse. Our experts have the know-how to tackle your company’s metadata management, star schema, snowflake schema, hybrid models, confirmed data warehouse, Business Intelligence Semantic layers tool and just about any aspect of data warehousing.

Any Enterprise Information Management solution requires a substantial Master and Reference Data Management plan to ensure maximum operational business effectiveness. It is important to have the right information to the right people at the right time to enable fast-tracked business processes and decision making. Deep Ripple will make sure that any bottlenecks stagnating your workflow are removed efficiently without disturbing or halting any critical business processes.


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